To begin trading, browse the markets that are available on DINNGO.


Click through the tabs on top to switch the base currency and explore even more trading pairs!

Select the token you wish to trade. Once you have selected a token, you can view the Buy/Sell orders, Amounts available at each price, the last Price and the spread in the Order Book. Together they give you the most up-to-date view of the markets to make the best trading decisions.


In the middle left is the Buy and Sell section and Order Type (Limit/Market) tabs. When buying or selling you select the price at which your order will be executed. To place an order, first select Limit Order of Market Order.


In the box labeled “Price,” type in the Price you are willing to Buy/Sell for (Limit Order Only).

In the box labeled “Amount,” type in the number of tokens you are looking to Buy/Sell.

Click the Buy xxx Token/Sell xxx Token button at the bottom of the Order Table to execute your order.

You're all set! Click the button below to start trading.

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