Projects that are interested in listing their tokens on DINNGO must follow the guidelines below to begin with the listing process.

1. Submit your token

  • Visit the link here

  • Enter the subject “Token listing submission - [your project name]”

  • At “Issue” section, select “Submit a token for listing consideration”

  • In the “Description” section, please provide below information: Token name Token symbol Token address Decimals Official Website URL Github URL Whitepaper URL Founder email Description of the token utility Date of mainnet launch

- Token name

- Token symbol

- Token address

- DecimalsOfficial Website URL

- Github URL

- Whitepaper URL

- Founder email

- Description of the token utility

- Date of mainnet launch

2. Preliminary Review

Upon receiving your submission, we will carry out an initial review to determine whether we should proceed with your project through the full listing process. You will be contacted from DINNGO if your token has been selected to undergo the Full Listing Review. If you have not heard from our team within two weeks of submission, you likely did not meet our listing criteria. We appreciate your effort and suggest that you re-submit the token again AFTER you have made material improvements to the technology, underlying business model, team or other criteria.

3. Full Listing Review

This is a more in-depth review of the token. We will request certain documentation through this process, including an executed Non-Disclosure Agreement, Listing Agreement, etc.

4. Deposit

If your token is accepted by our team, you will receive a confirmation email from us. In addition, at this stage we also request a deposit of 5 BTC from you. This is only guaranteed a minimum trading volume of the first two months. As soon as you reach the designated trading volume, which will be informed at the second phase of listing review, we will refund the entire deposit back to you.

5. Token Listing

Upon receiving the deposit, your token will be listed on DINNGO within two weeks. We will announce the listing via our social media where we will tag your project to share the news.

***** Please note: DINNGO reserves the right to reject or de-list any token at our discretion. *****

Thank you for your interest in DINNGO.

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