This guide assumes that your TREZOR has already been initialized — you have set up a TREZOR before, and you have your recovery seed. If you have an entirely new device, please go to TREZOR Wallet first and set up your device.

1.Connect your Trezor device.

2.Go to DINNGO Exchange.

3.Click "Connect Wallet" button at the top right of the page.

4.Select the Trezor icon on the pop-up window.

5.Click "Confirm" button.

6.You will see a pop up window from Trezor asking you to export your public key. Do not worry. This action simply asks permission to read the master public key, which contains all addresses. It does not allow exporting private keys out of the device. Please click "Allow once for this session".

7.Click "Export" button.

8.Enter the PIN as displayed on your Trezor screen.

9.Then you will be redirected back to DINNGO Exchange. Select the address and click "Connect" button.


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