What is Keystore file?

A keystore file holds your encrypted private key that is generated together with your password. To unlock your wallet, you need to enter your passpord and upload your keystore file.

Why is it not recommended?

If you have used keystore file to trade cryptocurrency before, you probably have noticed that such approach is usually NOT recommended by the platform. Using keystore file to access your wallet is as easy as uploading a file but it also exposes you to security risk. That means if anyone gets their hands on your private key, they will have full permanent control of your funds.

Don't have keystore file?

After learning the security risk of using keystore file, if you still would like to create one for your own, visit MyEtherWallet and click 'Creat A New Wallet' to begin.

Using Keystore file to trade on DINNGO

1.Go to DINNGO Exchange.

2.Click 'Connect Wallet' at the top right of the page

3.Select the keystore icon on the pop-up window.

4.Click 'Select Keystore File'

5.Upload your keystore file and enter the password


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