1. Connect and unlock your Ledger device.
  2. Open your Ledger Ethereum app in the Ledger Nano S.
  3. Go to Settings ⟶ Browser Support ⟶ "Yes"
  4. Go to Settings ⟶ Contract Data ⟶ "Yes"
  5. Leave your Ledger Ethereum app open
  6. Go to DINNGO Exchange.
  7. Click 'Connect Wallet' at the top right of the

8. Select the Ledger icon on the pop-up window.

9. Select the HD derivation path to connect and then click 'Confirm'.
Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome App uses the path: m/44'/60'/0'.
Ledger Live creates new ETH accounts in the path: m/44'/60'/0'/0.

10. Click 'Nano X' and then 'Connect' on the pop-up to approve that your browser can communicate with the Ledger device directly. If you don't see the pop-up, that means you've approved it before.

11. Select the address and click 'Connect'.

12. Done!

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