To deposit cryptocurrencies into your DINNGO account, please follow these steps.

1.Make sure you have some ETH in your wallet as you will need to pay for the gas fee to complete the deposit transaction.

2.Navigate to the ‘Fund’ page

3.Select the token which you would like to deposit and click the ‘deposit’ button

4.You will see a pop-up window guiding you to connect with your wallet. Choose the wallet and click ‘Connect’ button.

5.Then you will be taken to each wallet's interface.

6.We've made clear instructions on the interface to guide you all the way. Just make sure you're log in to your wallet then you are all set.

7.Once you connect to your wallet, we'll take you to deposit page where you can see the balance both in your wallet and on DINNGO. You can then enter the amount of tokens that you wish to deposit into your DINNGO account and click 'Confirm'.

8.Last step, confirm the amount of the number on your wallet. Then your deposit transaction will be broadcasted and soon to appear in your DINNGO account.

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